Dear Gary:
“I first heard of Gary’s Gem Garden through a co-worker. It seems most people hear about Gary by word of mouth.
“Gary is housed in a non-intimidating little strip mall near King’s Highway on Route 70, but once inside one finds out what a real gem or jewelry store should be.
“First of all, there is Gary. Gary is an intelligent and highly involved craftsman. He makes most of his own jewelry, and, as one can easily tell by looking at his work, he is a master at what he does. His work is unique, enduring, and beautiful. And be aware – if Gary doesn’t have what you’re looking for, he is the manufacturer as well. He can make it for you, precisely to order, as he has done for me. Gary is also extremely knowledgeable about his wares, and he is a true teacher regarding the gems and colored stones with which he works. He has turned me from a mere husband trying to find a birthday present for his wife to a person fascinated with the types of gems and stones and the wide range of colors and patterns that each one may provide.
“Secondly, there is the product’s durability. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to bring pieces of jewelry bought from other stores, especially department stores, to Gary to be repaired or have stones replaced because they fell out. Gary’s products have never ever had this problem. Gary’s work endures. You won’t find yourself having to get it repaired again because of questionable craftsmanship. Gary, in a world of pretenders, truly knows what he is doing, and the durability of his work shows this.
“Thirdly, there are the prices. Most jewelry stores get all of their works from another source. They do not create their own works. This sets into motion the various middle men who get the gems to the final mall store that you may be frequenting, which raises the prices. I recently purchased a beautiful three diamond necklace from Gary for my wife for our upcoming anniversary. I stopped in to a mall jewelry store a few weeks later and began looking at their wares, and talked to this store’s manager, who was impressed with my knowledge of gemstones – all of which I owe to Gary. Amidst the wide range of real and laboratory manufactured stones (I’ve never seen a laboratory-created stone at Gary’s – I believe he is a purist and will not work with fake stones), I began talking to this man about Gary’s. I mentioned this necklace to him and what I had paid for it. He told me the best he would have been able to price such a work would have been about $700 more than what I paid for it at Gary’s. Is there any question why I will consistently travel the extra distance from the far side of Philadelphia to Cherry Hill specifically to visit his store? It’s simply worth the trip and the extra time.
“Finally, there is the service. Aside from Gary himself, who is a true gentleman when it comes to serving his customers, his staff is likewise knowledgeable and extremely courteous and polite. It’s almost as if Gary’s demeanor is contagious.
“So what do you have. A wonderful combination of exceptional product, exceptional quality, exceptional prices, and exceptional service.
“Why would you go anywhere else?”   —Michael