Hi Gary & family/Sales associates/Michelle( bc I met her today, lol.) I understand if you don’t have a section to  leave a review, bc ppl today just want to make others miserable, bc their lives are not going the way they want. I get that. But, I found your store accidentally approximately 10-12 yrs ago. I have nothing but positive things to say about your family, your  store, your merchandise & the quality of your products & the ppl you have working there. After all the years I’ve been going , one day I rolled up in my car & your store had closed. I asked around & was told you went out of business. I was heartbroken 💔 😢. I cldnt believe it. But times being what they were, I understood. And I hoped & prayed for the best for your family & business . And then one day a few mos  ago, I was talking to one of my daughters who has a direct connection to your family through her best friend. And I mentioned how sad I was that your business closed down, and how much I missed you all, and also  bc I cldnt trust anyone else’s merchandise to be authentic. It was an all time low for me. And just then, my daughter told me “ mom, they didn’t go out of business, they moved”.  😄😁😂🤣 That’s how I felt, lol. I was so happy!!! I couldn’t believe it! Gary’s Gem Garden is still open!! Yayyy!!! Well, that was about 2-3 months ago. And as karma wld have it, I happened to be in the vicinity today & stumbled onto” Gary’s Gem Garden “. I must’ve been there about an hr & a half & walked out feeling elated!  And Gary’s wife was in the back when I got there, but when she heard me talking to her sales associate Michele, ( a darling girl) she recognized my voice & came out to greet me. I cldnt be more happy!  It’s really something  wonderful to have a good rapport  w/ppl you do business with. But it’s something else entirely when those ppl treat you like you’re family.  And that’s how you’ll be treated when you go to “ Gary’s Gem Garden “.  They remember who you are and how you effect , not just their business,  but their lives. And they’ve touched my life & the lives of my children & family. In all honesty, I can’t say enough positive things about this wonderful family. And I’m sure some ppl are thinking I’m pouring it on really thick. ( the sugar I mean) But I promise I’m not. I wld not have given them my business for so many years if I didn’t believe what I’m saying. Also, I have a solid silver piece of jewelry that’s “one of a kind.  Gary will never make the same art twice. I admired it every time I went in there. But being solid silver, I cldnt afford it( and it was reasonably priced)  Then one day I got the nerve up to ask Gary if I could make a deposit & pay it off over time. He agreed immediately!!  I thought I wld break down in tears. But I was able to keep my composure until I reached my car. Then I broke down, lol. I still have it to this day, along w/a sterling silver chain I bought( from Gary)  to wear it. I’ve never taken it off for approximately 10 yrs. Only to clean it. It’s still as beautiful as the day I bought it. Well, looking back on our history together & how long my post is, ( lol) I hope someone reads this someday & it encourages them to visit this family’s business. They’re not a conglomerate. They’re a family based business. And they’ll treat you w/the utmost respect & work w/with you.I didn’t start out loving these ppl or their business right at the beginning bc I didn’t know them. But it didn’t take long for them to make me feel like I was home. And now whenever  I go in there, I know I’m home. And you will too. It doesn’t take much. Just talk to someone & you’ll feel it too.  I wish All of you the best of everything in life. Bc that’s how I roll . Much Love to Gary & family & associates. Thank you for being the beautiful ppl you are. My life changed for  the better the moment I met you. 🤗💜 I’ll be seeing you next week, 😁💗

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