Bernadette L.

Thanks for the update and want to thank you again for the beautiful job you did to attach the faith, hope and charity charm to First Communion  Meredith’s little bracelet last week. She loved it. I know it’s a little thing , but wanted to thank you. Hope you loved graduation!!!!! Continued success! see you at your new location!!!!! Sincerely, Bernadette L.
May 2019


Hi Gary,
I purchased a Snow Quartz (Azeztulite) Specimen from you through your website recently. I have to say, it is the most unusual stone I’ve acquired so far. It seems to have a very high vibration, and for those of us new to the experience, that’s very exciting. I am very happy I bought it and equally happy with your genuineness and quality of service. Thank you!
carolscraftsewwhat on Etsy
February 2015


First off I’d like to say how much I love your store!! A few months ago I visited and was helped by a wonderful young lady at the desk. She has helped me on numerous occasions there and she is GREAT!!! She really took the time to answer all my questions and she assisted in finding EXACTLY what I was looking for. She researched some crystals for me in a book you had for sale in your store. I believe the book was pink in color and it was a book on crystals and their meanings. I was wondering the name of the book, the price and whether it’s still available? I would love to purchase it!

February 2014

Mrs.Shannon R. Aug., 2012

Dear Gary,

My older sister and I where in your wonderful store a month ago
and she saw me admiring the handcarved labradorite pendant with the long haired cat.
She gave it to me yesterday for my birthday and I love it! I want to
make sure I take care of it properly as I love to wear it, is there any
special way I should clean it each month I know some stones have specific needs. I also love your store! I will cherish my birthday gift always!

Mrs.Shannon R. Aug., 2012   —


Dear Gary and Co..,
I used to come into your store as a small child with my mom and loved to
look at all of the shells in your store. Recently I came in to buy some
shells from you for my hermit crabs. I’m glad to see that they appreciate
your shells as much as I do. Houdini and Columbus tried out 10 different
shells when I got home and settled for two of your medium turbos.
Houdini and Slowbro continue to have much interest in the shells I purchased there.
I think they’re super happy.
Thanks so much for the variety, I’ll be back as soon as they’ve outgrown
their new ‘homes’.

Barbara Merchant

Dear Gary and Denise,
You guys are the best!! We’ve been customers of yours for years and have bought everything from polished rocks (my daughter loved them when she was younger) to polished geode slabs to be added into my stain glass pieces to fine jewelry (my custom engagement ring, wedding bands and various other pieces). We now live in Las Vegas but Gary, you are the only one I trust with my jewelry so this last trip back to NJ brought us in so I could get my rings sized and serviced and an amber pendant fixed. I just received them yesterday and everything is perfect! And might I also thank you for all of your help with the geode slabs that I use in my stain glass. Through email and phone conversations, Denise listened to what I was looking for, found them, scanned them, sent me pictures of them. She was so easy to deal with over the phone when I purchased the slabs and then shipped them to me right away. Most of these slabs are now incorporated in my stain glass pieces. As I said in the beginning, you guys are the best!!

Barbara Merchant

Lori and Jim, Somerdale, NJ

Hi Denise and Gary,
Just wanted to send a note to once again tell you how much we love our beautiful rings. Jim and I wanted something unique and one of a kind. We came to you with just a vague idea and you made it happen!!!! Your design and creation of our diamond and sapphire engagement ring and wedding bands are more beautiful than we ever imagined. I can’t stop looking at them!!!! Thank you sooooo much!
—Lori and Jim, Somerdale, NJ

K.M., Massachusets

Dear Gary and Denise,
I received the heart with no problems in perfect condition, it’s positively lovely! It was so wonderful to finally see it “in person” so to speak. It is certainly a work of art. My fiance thought it was beautiful and was very touched by it, as I hoped he would be. 🙂 The surprise in the middle does make the piece even more special, as you said.
Thank you so much for allowing me to give him such a lovely gift; hopefully we will have many years to appreciate it together. 🙂
Best wishes,   —K.M., Massachusets

Dr. Mark

Dear Gary and Wife,
I just wanted to send you a little thank you card. Every time I come into your store whether to buy something, fix something or just look around you always make me feel at home. Your service is the greatest. And by the way you are really a nice guy!
From an appreciative customer,   —Dr. Mark

Leah, owner of Barone Interiors and Gardens

Dear Gary,
I would be remiss if I did not send this little note to let you know how appreciative I am to have your establishment nearby. I find your repairs fantastic(if you can’t fix it, I throw it away) In addition, your many products which I utilize in my business are unique. Thanks to you and your staff for your always courteous help.
—Leah, owner of Barone Interiors and Gardens