Quartz Crystal var. “Herkimer Diamond”, New York, 1/2″


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Quartz Crystal var. “Herkimer Diamond”, New York, 1/2″

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Natural Double Terminated clear “Herkimer Diamond” Quartz Crystals from Herkimer, New York.  These pieces are in their natural shape and habit, and are ready for addition to a collection, wire wrapping, or metaphysical use.  Pieces are about 3/8″ to 5/8″ in size, averaging 1/2″. 

Color in photos may vary from monitor to monitor.  Photos are enlarged to show details.  Crystals are sold individually, dealer’s choice, from available stock.  Special requests for particular shapes, sizes, or larger quanitities can usually be accomodated — please inquire for details.  Smaller crystals will typically be of a higher quality, while larger ones will be more included.

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