Moldavite var. Tektite – 1.4 grams – Czech Republic


  • Size: about 9/16″ x  7/16″ x 3/16″
  • Weight: approx. 1.4 grams (@ $40/gram)
  • Origin: Moldau River Valley, Bohemia, Czech Republic
  • Treatments: none

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Natural green Moldavite from Czech Republic. Moldavite is a variety of Tektites. These tektites are freeform meteorites formed on impact with the earth. Of all the tektites known, Moldavite is the only one with any color, specifically green.

This piece measures about 9/16″ x  7/16″ x 3/16″, and weighs approx. 1.4 grams.

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Weight0.06 oz
Dimensions3 × 2 × 0.25 in


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