Hematite Tumbled Stones, 3/4″ — Brazil


  • Size: about 3/4″ each
  • Color: metallic grey/silver
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Hardness: Mohs scale 5-6
  • Treatments: none, polished/tumbled

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Natural and genuine metallic gray Hematite tumbled  stones, mined in Brazil. They are perfect for crafting, metaphysical use, or wire wrapping. Each stone measures about 3/4″.

Metaphysical Properties: “Hematite has been called a ‘stone for the mind,’ helping one to sort out troubling issues on one’s mind. It can be helpful in the enhancement of mental attunement, memory, original thinking, and technical knowledge. Although this stone stimulates mental capability, it also produces a calming influence. Dispelling self-limiting concepts, it promotes realization of one’s full potential.” — Information from “The Magic of Crystals & Gemstones” by A.M.I. *Metaphysical advice is provided for curiosity only and is not intended to replace a physician’s advice.

 We hand pick and label your tumbled gemstones.

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