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 DELAWARE VALLEY EARTH SCIENCE SOCIETY • Delaware Valley Earth Science Society is a non-profit organization for people of all ages who share an interest in fossils, minerals, lapidary, geology, and the earth sciences. The Club is located in the South Jersey area. Many links and photos. NEW MEETING LOCATION: Atco Senior Center, 474 E. Atlantic Ave., Waterford, NJ
JEWELERS OF AMERICA • JA members have signed and abide by a Code of Ethics, so you can buy with confidence from your JA member jeweler. We are members!
SOUTH JERSEY METAL DETECTING CLUB • Local metal detecting club has meetings and hunts.
TUSCARORA LAPIDARY SOCIETY, Inc • Tuscarora Lapidary Society, Inc. (TLS) is chartered as a non-profit organization devoted to the promotion of the lapidary hobby (the cutting and polishing of gem stones), and of the arts and sciences associated with lapidary interests. They hold classes to teach gemstone cutting of cabochon, faceting, beginning silver and Bead stringing. Other classes are offered at other times.
WEST JERSEY ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY • West Jersey Astronomical Society for those interested in space, many links and photos.


MEC (Minerals Education Coalition)An informative site for minerals and their uses for teachers and students.
The webs largest site for mineral photos and locations data. This is a great site with tons of information for mineral collectors, photos, chat room, discussion groups, etc.
Get great information about minerals in the New Jersey area.
A portal to loads of world wide sources and clubs for mineral, fossil and gem enthusiasts.
This website has some great technical information as well as basic info also and many beautiful pictures for the collector.
Field collectors, join the annual opening of the mineral dumps in Franklin or Ogdensberg, New Jersey for a day of collecting like no other. Fluorescent minerals abound!

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Those in Glass Houses • She makes beautiful stained glass works of art. You must check her out.
Spirit to Sole Connection has a retail store selling fresh herbs, salves and a wealth of information. Jeannie Francis is a Reflexology therapist, Reiki Master, Master Herbalist and Master Gardener.
Are you being affected by your past lives? Find out from Ellen.

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