Gemothy’s Undersea Adventure (Scavenger Hunt)

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It’s that time of year again…. But this time, we’re headed underwater!

🐚🥥🦀🪼 Happening All Summer Long 🪸🥽🫧🐋

We’re welcoming you back to our annual scavenger hunt, but with a twist! Because now we’re exploring the deep, blue sea. Take a load off this summer with us here at the Gem Garden for some educational fun — perfect for kids of all ages!

First and foremost, this is a kids only event. We recommend that kids who are capable of reading comprehension and writing participate in this event, particularly ages 6-14

About the Scavenger Hunt

All the young scuba divers that wish to participate will start at Level 1. They will have their entire visit to go around the store finding the answers to our questions. Some may be found on labels in the store; others could be shared as fun facts from Gemothy himself.

Once they’ve completed the worksheet, please have them hand it back to one of the associates to tally up their score. We are running off a points system this year, so each question is worth 1 point. When 3/5 questions are correct, this counts as one entry into the GRAND PRIZE drawing. If they’ve completed the bonus question and score 5/5 on the worksheet, this will count as two entries.

Points will carry over, so we highly recommend coming back and completing as many levels as possible.

Then, if everything looks good, they will add their name to a shell name tag, and we’ll tape it to our progress chart. This is merely so the children will be able to see their progress as they complete each level!

There are 5 Levels in total, and they will increase in difficulty. Each level contains a bonus question if they wish to try for an extra point!

Depending on how many points they’ve scored, this will determine the amount of entries they receive for the GRAND PRIZE, which will be announced at the end of summer, and that will conclude our event.

This is Gemothy

He is our mascot for this event, so you will be seeing a lot of him!

Every child that decides to participate will receive a “Gemothy” before they head off on their journey. Redeeming a Gemothy (handing your Gemothy back to an employee) will be helpful if they are stuck on a question and need a little bit of guidance to find the answer.

They will receive one Gemothy per Level, so make sure they choose wisely!

Additionally, any question that was answered incorrectly on their worksheet will be corrected with the help of an employee. Whilst this event is meant to be fun and educational, we also want it to be fair in terms of giving every child a chance to be a winner.

Disclaimer: unfortunately, they cannot collect or take home Gemothy because we need to reuse him for any other children that would like to participate. We do appreciate your understanding!

Additional Event Details

  • This event will take place all summer – June 14th to August 31st, specifically when the kids are out of school to when they go back. Please keep in mind, we will be CLOSED the weekend of July 4th for a mini vacation, so the event will be on pause during that time.
  • Kids should be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.
  • Parents or guardians will need to leave their contact information for any child that is participating in this event. This way, if your child is the lucky winner, we’ll know who to contact.
  • Children cannot exceed 6 entries. When they complete a level, they are not allowed to retake it. They must move on to the next one.
  • They can complete up to TWO levels per visit.
  • Winner will be announced on September 2nd.

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