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Gary’s Gem Garden: South Jersey’s Unique And Complete Gem & Mineral Shop By Gina Cronin

Mar 02, 2020 05:43PM

Gary’s Gem Garden is one of the most unique gem stores on the East Coast. Serving the community for 47 years, the family-owned shop has recently moved from their Cherry Hill location to a brighter, fresher locale in Mount Laurel. “We are super excited to welcome everyone into our new location, and hope they find what they love like we did,” says Crystal Weinstein, daughter of owner Gary Weinstein.

The 2,300-square-foot shop is filled with rocks and minerals of all types including quartz, amethyst, citrine, tourmaline, celestite, selenite, fluorite and many more. They have stones from gigantic to microscopic and every size in between. Customers can find the stone they seek in many forms: tumbled, carved, cut, raw, polished, in jewelry or even create a custom piece of jewelry. From animal carvings and wands; to silver and gold gemstone rings, bracelets and necklaces; to rough geodes, the selection is expansive.

The shop extends more of an earth science lens into these little wonders of the planet, but welcomes rock seekers of all types, from teachers to collectors to crystal healers. “The metaphysical world of gemstone healing is so vast, it’s nearly impossible for us to memorize all of the properties,” says Gary. “We have books and charts to aid our customers in finding the perfect stone for them. We love to see what they choose or what chooses them.” 

Gary started collecting minerals at age 11 and his fascination only grew from there. He had a full-fledged business by the age of 18. At first, he was out doing rock and mineral shows around the East Coast, then had a store in Woodcrest Shopping Center, in Cherry Hill, and it all grew organically into what it is today. After 17 years in Woodcrest, Gary and his family moved the store to Route 70 in Cherry Hill for 27 years, and now to Mount Laurel. “I think what he loves most is the chemistry aspect of it,” Crystal says. “There are over 5,000 different minerals that form naturally in the Earth, it is all so genuinely unique and interesting and that’s what sparked it in him.”

Another detail that customers love about the shop is a large portion of the items sold come with a label, clearly displaying their name and where they are from. People are more and more interested in the origin of their crystals, and even if the information isn’t displayed, Gary and his team always have that information available when possible. This is different from a lot of metaphysical stores where information about the mineral’s origin or even the chemistry and mineral makeup is not accessible.

They also focus on affordability. Prices start at 10 cents up to the thousands for more rare pieces, with many of the more common minerals priced at only a few dollars. “We pride ourselves on having the lowest prices possible,” Gary says.

It isn’t only rocks and minerals that marvel visitors at Gary’s Gem Garden. Other items include genuine and natural fossils from all over the world, historical and cultural artifacts, shells, machinery, books and charts, display stands, and other gifts and collectibles. The team also provides jewelry repair and custom jewelry designing in sterling silver, gold and platinum. They also plan to have in-store crystal events in the near future.

Gary’s Gem Garden is located at 3119 Rte. 38, Ste 1, Mount Laurel. For more information, call 856-795-5077 or visit

Gina Cronin is a writer for Natural Awakeningsmagazine editions across the country, and lives in Lima, Peru. To connect, visit

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